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5 Tips to Buy a House Within 90 Days

Buying a home is a piece of the American Dream that seems to take forever to accomplish. The achievement may appear insurmountable for a first time home buyer who is unfamiliar with the process. Perennial Funding provides actionable tips for consumers who want to buy a house within 90 days.

Step 1. Make a Commitment to Buy a House

Purchasing a home is a big step that takes patience, understanding and determination. In less than 60 days, many buyers are able to locate a home and secure funding to complete the closing of escrow.

Avoid becoming discouraged by the process, as a lot of prior home buyers have endured a variety of challenges that ultimately led to homeownership. Remember, in a typical shopping transaction, a consumer is able to instantly exchange money for other goods or services.

Typically, there is an emotional connection that is associated with leaving a retail store with goods in-hand or knowing that an online purchase is scheduled to arrive within a few days.

Tip: A different mindset is need to understand that a lot of moving pieces are a part of the home buying experience. Therefore, it is important to make a commitment to buy a house.

Step 2. Speak With a Reliable Mortgage Lender

First time home buyers are generally aware of their need to obtain funding to buy a house, however, locating a reputable mortgage lender could be a challenge. Due to strict licensing requirements and regulatory oversight, most mortgage lenders are ethical professionals.

Although, buying a house in 90 days is easier to accomplish with the expertise and the punctuality of a reliable mortgage lender.

Tip: Avoid working with lenders who are unreliable by checking online reviews from previous customers.

Step 3. Supply Lender-Requested Items Quickly

Mortgage lenders are excited to work with borrowers who are motivated to obtain funding for a home. Submitting the required financial documents, sales contract and other items as quickly as possible could accelerate the time that it takes to receive a mortgage loan approval.

Tip: Avoid waiting to obtain every document before sending the information to a lender, as some items take longer to process than others. Each condition that is satisfied moves the loan file closer to closing.

Step 4. Present a Mortgage Loan Approval to a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Before showing property listings to a home buyer, a real estate agent will need to know where to begin. A mortgage loan approval provides valuable insight, such as an affordable shopping range and a verified lending limit.

Professional real estate agents are experts at locating adorable homes on the Multiple Listing Service. Although, having an idea in mind for the style of home, location and the desired amenities that a real estate agent should look for are some time-saving considerations.

Tip: A real estate agent can present a stronger offer for a client who is approved to buy a house.

Step 5. Make the Dream to Buy a House a Reality

Follow through with determination and persistence to complete the process. A mortgage loan approval and a signed real estate sales contract are evidence of a commitment to purchase a home.

If the initial mortgage loan approval and the time that it takes to find a house is roughly 30 days, the dream of homeownership could be reached within 60 additional days.

Tip: Remember that this process is consistently repeated by home buyers who are determined to buy a house.


While interest rates for home loans are still attractive, it is wise for prospective buyers to inquire about a mortgage loan approval. Contact Perennial Funding today at (888) 826-4856 to speak with a local mortgage lender that goes the extra mile for its clients.

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